HCUD 15 Water Quality Report – 2016

In 2016, Harris County UD 15 detected [2] contaminant in the drinking water and [0] of them were above the EPA accepted level for drinking water. Please go to http://www.municipalops.com/districts/2016ccr/0952016ccr.pdf to view your 2016 annual water quality report and learn more about your drinking water. This report contains important information about the source and quality of your drinking water. For a translation of the water quality report or to speak with someone about the report please call (281) 367-5511. If you would like a paper copy of the 2016 Annual Water Quality Report mailed to your home, please call (281) 367-5511.

Durante el año 2016, Harris County UD 15 detectó [2] contaminant en el agua potable. [0] de los contaminantes detectados en el agua potable reflejaron niveles que exceden los límites legales establecidos por la EPA. Para acceder al más reciente reporte anual de calidad de agua y para más información acerca de su agua potable puede visitar http://www.municipalops.com/districts/2016ccr/0952016ccr.pdf to view your 2016 annual El reporte anual contiene valiosa información acerca de las fuentes de abasto y calidad de su agua potable. Para obtener una traducción del reporte de calidad de agua o para preguntas acerca del reporte por favor comuníquese al (281) 367-5511. Si desea obtener por correo una copia de su más reciente reporte de calidad de agua puede solicitar la misma llamando al (281) 367-5511.

Water, Water Everywhere, Nor Any Drop to Drink

Our planet is rich with oceans so deep we’ve scarcely seen the bottom, and vast underground supplies of water as well. But of all that water, clean drinkable water adds up to less than one-half of 1 percent. Not even a drop in the bucket.

We’re using it faster than it can replenish itself. Drought conditions, a growing population and thirstier economic demands are drying up our reserves. We’ve seen the effects in other parts of the globe — now we know it could happen to us.

It’s time to get serious.

Sure, we’re trying to conserve, but we’ve got to do even more with less, and conservation’s not enough. It’s time to bring new technology to the water’s edge and turn previously unusable resources into some crystal-clear solutions.