National Night Out in Harris County UD No. 15: Building Safer, Stronger Neighborhoods Together

With profound gratitude, we extend our thanks to the exceptional residents and constituents of Harris County UD No. 15 for your wholehearted participation in this year’s National Night Out (NNO). The event, held at our District facility Genns Rd. is an annual event that seeks to unite communities and strengthen bonds that make our neighborhoods safer and welcoming.

Your engagement, dedication, and commitment to fostering unity within our neighborhoods is a true inspiration and showcased the strength of our community ties and underscored the importance of working together for the betterment of our District

Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to everyone who organized, attended, and contributed to the festivities! Your dedication to the well-being of our neighborhoods is evident and deeply valued. As we move forward, let’s carry the momentum with us, ensuring that Harris County UD No. 15 remains a safe, inclusive, and supportive place for all. Thank you for your outstanding participation!

As discussed during NNO, the Infrastructure and Parks Bonds information we shared, proved to be informative and amplified the opportunities we have to ensure long-term integrity of our underground infrastructure and bring online our park amenities. Community members engaged to discuss the Bonds, revealing their unwavering commitment to shaping our future.

The meeting witnessed a great turnout, underscoring the community’s dedication to staying informed and actively engaged in critical matters. We acknowledge the District Directors; Eric Goodie, Leonard Mattox, Janice Weaver, Kevin Mosley, Bridgette Kelly and General Manager Phillip Givens who contributed to the meeting’s success through their valuable insights and presence.

Harris County UD no. 15 is on a promising path toward a brighter future, thanks to our engaged and enthusiastic community members!